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We adopted Thistle as a little kitten, and she seemed to have a few kitten colds, GI issues, etc, and just wasn't getting better. The vet finally diagnosed her with (dry, neuro) FIP, and pretty much sent her home "to be made comfortable" because she was barely over 3lbs, and too sick for any other treatments.
Fortunately, a friend of a friend had a cat cured of FIP, and after talking to an Admin and sharing labs, I wound up with meds the VERY NEXT DAY thanks so a local person who had finished their treatment successfully and was willing to share.
84 days of good days, bad days, rage eating (by Thistle) and tears of frustration when an injection was tough (by us) she had gained over 4lbs and went into observation. 84 days after that, at OVER 10 lbs, she was cured.
It's been just over a year (and a few more lbs) since her cure date, and I just helped someone else get their cat into treatment.  Thistle and we are so thankful for the Warriors!