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Our gorgeous and affectionate boy was only 5 months old but he has started to fight a terminal disease for which there is no officially cure.He has the wet form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a feline viral disease. Theo is member of our family and still small boy. So, we have started a big fight to save his life. Now, there is a new drug on the market, called GS441 -- it has not been approved by the FDA in the US yet, as feline medicine is not exactly at the top of their list. So, those desperate to save their kitties from this virus are forced to seek out unconventional options. The GS drug is available overseas and we have obtained the dose we need to hopefully cure Theo of this horrible disease. But it is not cheap.Theo has already begun his treatment on GS, and after weeks, he has improved remarkably. He ended the treatment on 22.2 the same day we created Slovak FIP Warriors group and we started helping to cats with fip and Theo become first FIP Warrior in Slovakia