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My name is Stephanie and I run a small 501c3 cat rescue in Queens, New York called Meowsquad. In April of 2020 one of our cats was diagnosed with the deadly disease Feline Infectious Peritonitis, or FIP. Up until recently, this disease was 100% fatal and euthanasia was always recommended. Our vet suggested a new experimental treatment that was available. Research showed that it had great results, so we gave it a try. April was the height of COVID-19 in NYC, and I am a funeral director by trade. Everyone was dying around me and here I was given the opportunity to save a life and that’s what I was determined to do. Treatment for FIP is not cheap and changes as the cat progresses. It’s 84 days of medication then an 84-day observation period. Between medication, bloodwork, and testing for our first diagnosed cat, the price tag was upwards of $10,000. In September our cat officially finished treatment and entered her observation phase and by the end of November she was CURED! Suddenly my own cat Mouse began to show symptoms. Then a rescue cat named MJ. Then others Jerry, Tesla, Hawking, Newton, Ivy, and Sprout. I’m told the chances of so many cats in one location developing FIP are slim. It takes a rare convergence of the law of averages and EXTREMELY bad luck to align this way, but here I am. With a broken heart I say three others passed away from this horrible disease, they just weren’t strong enough.