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Tarot is a Cornish rex kitten who came from a wonderful reputable breeder. She always had a bit of a round belly but had been dewormed several times and it was assumed she'd grow out of it soon enough. When he belly got bigger instead of shrinking, she developed diarrhea, and started playing less, I immediately thought of FIP. I had lost a kitten to it 14 or 15 years ago. I rushed her to the vet who draw pale yellow fluid from her abdomen and agreed, it was most likely FIP. He said there was no cure. I remembered reading about GS441 and thus began the frantic search for the medicine to get her started on it the very next day! She's now almost 2 weeks into her treatment and doing great! Very high energy, eating a ton, demanding of cuddles, no more diarrhea, and the fluid filled belly has gone WAY down. I'm so thankful to the breeder who has been a tremendous help and source of support, and to the admins and members of FIP Warriors on FB for helping us locate the GS and get Tarot started on it. She wouldn't still be here today if it weren't for these wonderful folks.