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Sydney was one month shy of her first birthday when we had to put her down. She was my boyfriend and I’s very first cat together. She very quickly became our whole life. She was the most outgoing puppy like kitten I had ever seen. We loved her more than anything. We noticed she had been acting very weak and tired. This caused us worry, over the days her nerves started to attack themselves causing her head to twitch and shake. She was losing control or her muscles and nerves. We had her at home when suddenly the whole back end of her body went numb and she collapsed. She was paralyzed from the middle of her body down. Her nerves and muscles had given out. She peed everywhere and was dragging herself to my lap. We rushed her to the vet and they had told us that it was FIP and there was nothing more we could do. That day we went home without our baby. That was the hardest day in our lives and has made us super cautious about our other cats. I hope one day we can been in a world we’re no cats have to suffer like Sydney baby did. RIP Sydney. Momma and Daddy love you.