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This is the story of Sushi aka Sushi Rice With Teriyaki Sauce aka Floof The Regal aka Boyo aka Buddy Boy aka Honey Boy aka Sushi Pooshie. We brought him home at 4 months old a Christmas gift as it was December 23, 2018. This little Ragamuffin kitten stole our hearts when he picked my little girl. The other two in his litter curled up and slept by her but this little swelling curled up in her armpit. It was love at first sight! He came home and continued his bond with her for many months! He sleeps on her pillow next to her and follows us everywhere! he especially loves to creep on me when I vacuum! i will be in one room and he will be sitting there staring. Then to the next room and he is suddenly there..... in the way. Not moving just watching the vacuum!!!!!! Every time my kiddo leaves she HAS to say goodbye to him and give him hugs. He even helps her put her shoes on teehee. He puts up with her mooshing him constantly. It is love! on September 30th his belly felt slightly full he was always a tiny guy of only 5.10 lbs. he was sleeping a lot but eating and drinking fine. just a lot slower. 2 days later his belly was slightly bigger and firm. I took him in to the vet that was October 3rd. I had a horrible feeling so called earlier to get the diagnosis as I was not going to bring my 7 year old if it was FIP. my fear was confirmed Wet FIP. My poor vet heard me swear for a good minute. I arrived at the office sans kiddo. I was met with a printout and a suggestion I join FIP Warriors. October 4th started our first day of treatment. I was so glad there was someone within an hour that was able to start The Sush on his journey. My anxiety level was horrendous: flop sweat nausea and extreme neck and shoulder tension. The fear was palpable. I was able to practice with saline on a sweet doggy (thank you cute guy!) before i gave my first sub q injection. I had seen it done many times just now with my own kitty it hard. It could save this life though! Our first couple weeks were stressful then we finally slipped into a routine!!! We are now going into day 32 and he just came over to give me a rub (with water on his head from his fountain.) He is running and playing with more vigor than I have ever seen before! X-rays showed his fluid was gone. He talks so much, with his tiny little meows and comes running again when you call him! 53 days of treatment to go then 84 days of observation. Come on little Warrior you can do it!!!!