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Hello, dear cat lovers!
At the end of April, We was diagnosed with dry, neuro FIP and we were devastated.
Feline Infectious peritonitis (FIP) is an infectious disease, caused by a mutation of Feline Coronavirus, that used to be till recently, a death sentence. Now, though very expensive, there is a cure that really works! The treatment lasts 84 days.
On May, 7rd we began treating him with low dose and we started to show improvement - began to eat normally, fever fell, balance problem decreased and the neurological symptoms were slowly reducing till eventually they disappeared. During this time, we also gained weight. (from 1.7 kg to 2.7 kg) The problem was we didn't have enough funds to treat him at the proper dosage for his type of FIP. So, neurological symptoms occurred again. If the dose is not increased, sun can't be cured and will die.
We started treating Sun at the proper dosage, so we are actually on day 52/84 today. I think we will need treatment longer than 84 days, since we have to use a low dose at the beginning of the treatment. At the first, we urgently need 12 vials to save his life, a vial cost is $208 and we use 1.8 ml for a dose, 1 vial has 5 ml.
Please, help sun! He wants to live! Thanks in advance. I always appreciate you.

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