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We lost our beloved 6 year old cat to Mast cell cancer in June 2019. Our hearts felt so empty and we decided to adopt two kittens in July. We figured getting kittens would ensure that we wouldn’t have to deal with deadly illnesses any time soon. Unfortunately we were very wrong. Sumo was 12 weeks old when we adopted him. He had just been neutered and vaccinated. By the time he was 18 weeks, we noticed that he had a markedly enlarged abdomen and was lethargic. We could feel his spine and hip bones despite the fact that he never lost his appetite. We brought him to the vet. He was found to have a fever of 104.6 and a large abdominal effusion. He tested positive for FECV in the peritoneal fluid and his labs supported an FIP diagnosis. We were given 2 antibiotics (Clavamox and Clindrops), steroids, a probiotic, and low protein food but we knew it was just for comfort care after reading that FIP is 100% fatal. After a few days of crying, I googled “FIP support group” and found FIP Warriors on Facebook. The wonderful admins there directed me on how to obtain treatment. Within a day of his first dose, he was showing signs of increased energy, and within 10 days he looked like a normal kitten again. It was the miracle we needed. His labs were much improved by one month and stayed stable throughout the 12 weeks. He was such a trouper through the whole 84 day process which was completed today, 11/24/19. He is such a sweet soul and deserves to live a very long life. Now we anxiously wait and watch for 84 more days. If no signs of relapse, he will be considered officially cured! It is our dream that someday the treatment will be widely available and affordable. Or better yet, an effective vaccine will be found. Thanks to Zen by Cat for supporting the research needed for this cause.