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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Suki and Mom tells me that I am her Princess Warrior. I had a bit of a rough start to life, born in LaBelle, Florida and picked up by Animal Control there with another kitty. A lovely lady (thanks Ruth) from Haven on Earth Animal League (HEAL) came to take a few of us so that we could have a better chance at life. I was pretty sickly, diarrhea (not uncommon for kittens), lots of Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) and I was pretty small at 4 lbs and about 8 months old. After recovering at another foster home (thanks Eileen), from being spayed and vaccinated, I went to a Petco adoption center. There, I got sick again, another URI. I then went to another foster home to recuperate from my URI, but while I was there, I developed diarrhea again. My foster Mom, took me to a veterinarian who said he thought that I had FIP. My foster Mom was devastated and started researching on the internet. The next day, we went with another nice lady (thanks Diane) from our Rescue to one of our Rescue’s veterinarians, who confirmed that I had wet FIP and was probably in final stages. He said to keep me comfortable, give me anything I wanted to eat and that I would have to be put to sleep when things got bad. My foster Mom was devastated and could not stop crying. She had lost her beloved Mr. Kitty a year ago to cancer and could not think about saying goodbye to me, which probably ended up working well for me, because she found an experimental treatment pioneered by Dr. Neils Pedersen at UC Davis in California. After doing a LOT more research, my foster Hoomans decided that they would try to treat me. My foster Dad said, “she was given to us to take care of, so that’s what we will do.” They ordered the medicine and took me another veterinarian close by to see if they would help with giving me injections etc. Luckily they said they would help. A couple of days later, I started with my first injection and now weighed 3.9lbs. On the second day, I had a swollen paw and was limping, and by the evening I had trouble walking, my hind legs would not cooperate…The next morning, I lost control of my bowels at the vet’s office and peed in my carrier on the way home. My vet, Dr. Kelli, said I now had neurological FIP now and her prognosis for me was “very, very guarded.” After checking with our FIP admins, my foster parents decided to double down and double my dose of medicine the next day. Two days later, I saw Dr. Kelli again and she wanted to see me walk, so that’s what I did. She could not believe the turnaround! I continued to improve and after 16 injections, they switched me to capsules. After 87 days of treatment, my x-ray, ultrasound and bloodwork were perfect! The veterinarian who did my x-ray and ultrasound said that I had had full blown FIP but now was cured and the Rockstar of their practice. He was very excited and me, I was excited too, not to have to go to the veterinary office everyday for my medicine. Now, 12 weeks of observation and more bloodwork, but, during my 4 week post treatment follow up examine, (my Mom insisted, as she was paranoid), Dr. Kelli saw that I had developed gingivitis. Oh yes, now my Mom, not my foster Mom, as they decided that I would be their forever cat! When I finished and passed 12 weeks of post treatment observation I had major dental surgery for severe periodontitis and a malocclusion. I now have only 10 of 30 teeth left, and Mom brushes my remaining teeth every day. I am living my best life now! To all you Warriors, stay strong. Mom and I have our fingers, toes and paws 🐾crossed for you❣️BTW, Mom was crying again, but they were happy tears, that I beat FIP.