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Stormi is a blue British short hair who was diagnosed with the dry form of FIP just 2 weeks after turning one. He had no obvious symptoms at the time and the only reason I took him to the vet that week is because he had a few vomiting episodes ( I used revolution to flea him a few days before and honestly thought that he licked it and that’s what caused the vomiting). I was absolutely devastated to get the call from the vet to say Storm is very sick and doesn’t have long. The trouble with FIP is that it’s so hard to diagnose so I was given a list of options for Storm such as surgery, biopsy’s, palliative care etc. it was truly overwhelming wondering what to do... I got to take him home on the Friday night on some steroids and the Vet suggested that I have the weekend to think about what’s best and see them the next week- well that was a blessing in disguise because over the weekend I become part of the FIP Warriors group and discovered that I could potentially beat this disease. The following Wednesday I drove 4 hours from home to a lovely lady who gave me some vials of treatment to start and so Wednesday night I did my first injection and I haven’t looked back since. Treatment was not easy, I am a shift worker and so giving the injection the same time everyday could not have been possible without my Partner or Family. Storm responded well to the treatment and will be cured in just 2 short weeks (YAY) I couldn’t imagine a life without him and I truly believe he came into my life for a reason and this is it. Storm has come out the other end much more affectionate (it’s as if he knows that we helped him) he is the most playful and energetic cat now - it makes me wonder how long he actually had FIP for because I’ve never seen him like this before. I am so grateful for treatment and for Amanda and Dimmi for their help along the way ❤️