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Spot Willett

Spot was a stray tom cat who appeared in my yard five years ago, January 2016.  It was a bitter cold winter in Montana, 20° below zero. My son and I spotted a tiny kitten and were afraid he would not make it… So we set out a trap to help. Next morning… I was surprised to find a full grown white and black kitty who was terrified but very hungry.  He must’ve belonged to someone at one time, but had evidently been on his own for several years. He was battle scarred, had 2 frozen, cauliflower ears, unneutered, and absolutely terrified of people.  I see think he had been chased away and struggled to survive  for some time.  He became my “bathroom cat 🐈‍⬛“ as that was the only uncarpeted room where I could contain him and acclimate him to my other cat. Spot literally hid behind the toilet for several months…Not even coming out for a pet or a kind word. But he eventually warmed up to me and would allow me to pet him. After 4 months he joined the family in the house and three months after that tentatively crawled up on my bed and began to snuggle.  His all-time favorite place to sleep was On my stomach… I think it meant safety to him. Spot was the only cat I ever had that never once went near the outside door once he became an indoor kitty.  I laughed because I believed he had “Been there, done that” and knew he did not want to go back!  He much preferred the warmth, safety, and love of being an indoor cat. One day, in the five years I had him, my young son decided Spot might “miss the outdoors” and took him out on a leash. He was terrified… And never went again. He was always grateful for the new life he was given!  I don’t really know how old Spot was when he came to me, clearly am adult, probably 2-4 years. H lived 4 happy years with me as family before getting FIP in April of 2021.  We decided to fight the fight… But it was during the pandemic and we had issues with the US PS getting the medicine here. The first overnight delivery took six days, so I placed another overnight order from a different location. That took 5 days. I drove 250 miles to get him some emergency meds to start.  By the time we started the protocol he had been sick for several weeks and diagnosed for seven days. It was Truly a struggle as he had to be force-fed, had constipation issues and then 2 1/2 days of diarrhea that completely wiped  him out.  After four days of medicine… I believe his body just gave up the fight. He tried hard… He  Wanted to live, but God had other plans for another kitty angel by his side. We will forever remember Spot  as the kitty who came in from the cold 😊