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Hey everyone I’m Jess….
Its been an emotional rollercoaster since Tuesday feb 1st 2022. I didn’t think I’d get the terrible news I received. After losing my cat whiskey I knew loving a cat would never be the same for me .. but then I started a new job and spicy was there and in a way I feel he chose me … I played with him and loved him so much. I began to explain to my family that I felt like spicy was so much like whiskey … I went back and forth about making that commitment to him. But I decided to and when I did I absolutely fell head over heels. I didn’t want to let myself love another cat the way I did whiskey because when he passed I was devastated, broken, and lost. But spicy had a way of showing me I could love him. Everything was great he loved all of our Animals and it was so sweet to watch. Our dog cali was very close to whiskey and seemed to be a bit in distress and depressed when he passed. And she instantly fell In love with having another little kitty around. We always joke that he is a soldier kitty. Because he will okay with by himself and sneak around corners and what not. And jump and it just seems like he’s acting like he’s in a war haha. But I lost that… he isn’t the kitty I once knew … but I still love him and want him back !

I decided to do lots of research the night I found out and I found this treatment. Just like a parent does anything ever and possible for their human child end that’s how I feel about my animals. They are my babies. I took a chance in this drug and honestly. I’ve seen some good change from the first shot. He’s eating on his own now and walking around a lot more.

with that being said this treatment is severally expensive and all my money is going to it. But I need a little bit of help to be able to continue to help my bug get better. If you can donate anything at all I’d appreciate. Thank you in advance

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