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I have a small kitten which is affected by infectious Peritoneum. I asked them to find a doctor to cure him but everyone told me he was going to die. I can not accept this and more you had to give opportunities online about this disease. I found the FIP group and joined you. I was advised of the new treatment being studied and immediately sought help to be part of this treatment. Through friends of this group I have been able to offer this treatment. monthly and weighs 1500 grm. I pray to God that she be saved. I want to share my experience with this group and publish the story of little Stormi. We could not rest for this year due to the poor condition of the little one. more willingly I became a donor of this study and I want to be in touch, even though I live in a small country like ALBANIA. My profession is Lawyer and I have faced very difficult issues in my work, but the kitten disease saddened me immensely and I thought it would not be solved. But I found you and I hope it works out.