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Snow Paw aka Judah the Lion

This is my baby Snow. We have been fighting wet FIP for about a month now.  We have had to get the water drained from his lungs twice but after the second time I made him the B complex elixir from a website that has cured cats before . It skyrocketed his immune system. He was playing, running around as happy as he can be. He was doing so good we didn’t go to the vet for another 3 weeks. We then had too take him back to the hospital on the 8th because his stomach looked abnormally big. This time there was no water in his lungs it moved to the abdomen. We are blessed that the water is out of his lungs, now we just need to focus on getting the water out of the abdomen. He is now home and is starting his first day on the HAMPL wet pet formal holistic remedies. Today he is a little tired more than usual but is still playing, eating like a pig and drinking lots of water. If anyone has had any remedies or medications that has worked for them and are willing to sell let me know! We have high hopes for our snow he will be an FIP warrior.  Thank you for all of the inspiration.