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Snickers and his sister Cupcake were born on 8-8-15. I brought them home on 10-8-15. They were so sweet. By Decemcer Snickers growth spurt decreased dramitically. After I brought him home from being neutered he never fully recovered. He slept all the time. His sister Cupcake continued to grow and played non stop. I brought Snickers back to the vet at the end of February. He had not gained any weight since December was sleeping more with a slight head tilt. The vet found nothing wrong with him. By the end of April he was getting worse, I brought him back to the vet again. This time they diagnosed him with dry FIP. We took him in for a fine needle biopsy and the growths were definitely not cancer. we were told that it was most likely dry FIP. we lost our precious angel on May 29, 2016. We miss him so much. We are praying his sister never develops this horrific disease.