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Smoke was a six month old male Black Smoke Maine Coon that came from Russia. When he arrived in Seattle I immediately noticed he was smaller and sickly looking compared to his brother. I took him to the vet immediately and they verified that he was not well. Over the course of the next few weeks I learned all too well what FIP was. A terrible and cruel disease which I hope no animal lover ever has to face. As Smoke gradually deteriorated I tried what many owners of FIP cats try....everything I could to think of to save him: from trying to acquire experimental drugs, to searching for new clinical trials... anything. In the end all I could provide was comfort care. Smoke was such a loving cat. It took me two attempts to finally end his suffering. The first time I tried he looked me in the eyes at the vet and dug his head into my armpit and held on to me tightly. I just could not do it. It was only when he could no longer walk straight that I finally was able to end his suffering. I likely waited too long but I did not want to give up on him. Smoke was such a loving cat. He will be missed always and forever. He never had the chance to live or to be a kitten. The look in his eyes was always wise beyond his years. I miss you Smoke.