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Skylar was a 4 month old sickly kitten my rescue took in. She had recurrent URI and unexplained fevers and she never grew like kittens her age. We knew we needed to figure out what was going on and ordered blood tests, which were indicative of FIP and had many of the markers. I had been a member of FIP Warriors and watched kitties beat FIP; so our rescue Kitty Kottage decided to try to save her. We started treatment as soon as we could and within 2 days she went from a kitten actively dying to a kitten eating on her own and trying to play. To say the treatment is a miracle is an understatement. I thank god every day for Warriors and this cure. Skylar is now living her best life. She and I formed a bond over the course of her treatment and I couldn’t think of not having her be part of my furry family. I pray this treatment becomes widely available and a future where no kitties have to die from FIP.