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I recently changed from Oscar to HERO to help her and had to increase dosage to help her and her walk; Which means GS treatment cost is higher now.
Skye is doing better!!!!😁
** Need your support financially tho, whatever your heart desires and can give is very welcomed.

Fundraiser for Skye:
I'm an Artist and willing and can draw pictures of your kitty or kitties
(Please send your photo to me: 'DM me'
& I'll get it done!)
Just let me know.
The cost of pictute is whatever you can donate + shipping fee. We Appreciate your support.

DAY 23/84
GS treatment

Skye is doing soooooo much better!! ...
And she's gaining weight !!!
9 lbs 10oz today!
She's eating on her own some dry food here and there throughout the night.
I still feed her orally wet food and water.  She's a fighter💪
her walk is still wobbly and unbalanced but my admin said it'll take time to heal.
She's walking more stable today too and started playing with me!

I rescued Skye last year but I believe she actually rescued me!!💞
I love her so much!! Skye deserves to live a healthy and better life. Skye is almost  2 years old.
And has a lot of love and happiness to share.

It is hard enough to deal with all this emotionally and that also of financially.
Please, if you can
Any donations are greatly appreciated! I've got Paypal, Venmo or Cash app setup.

Thank you!
Vasi & Skye ❤️🐾🐾

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