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I have a 9 month old, Simba. In a nutshell, this all started on May 4th. We were shocked by the change in his eyes and rushed him to the emergency vet. He had a high fever, terrible blood work (my vet's words, not mine), and anisocoria. The next day Simba was he was diagnosed with FIP. We started him on GS Friday May 7. He started with shots, and at day 7 moved to oral, due to his size. He was hospitalized overnight twice and he was also very anxious, He had very came off of prednisone after 2 days of treatment and ended up back in the ER. We realized it was way too soon to take him off steroids. He's now on Day 23 (tomorrow) and you would never even know he was sick. He's a normal little guy playing, wrestling with his brother, eating like crazy, and just a happy dude. It almost seems too good to be true, and I stare at him every second I'm around him. I keep waiting for something bad to happen, and so far it hasn't thank goodness. He has his 30 day blood work in about a week. That will be big hurtle! Oral meds were a miracle to his spirit. Simba is 12 pounds and he has a neuro dose (10 mg) so the shots were awful for him! The bigger the cat and dose, the longer the needle stays in. We are SO GRATEFUL for oral meds!!! It was a game changer. We're taking this day by day, but I'm feeling hopeful.