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Simba is a rescued cat....he was rescued in 2019 December someone left him out of my home he was in really bad condition when we adopted in our family...we treated him and he truly turned into a handsome British short hair....he is a playful and gorgeous male cat
But recently Simba started looking lethargic started loosing his weight in short period of time we took him to the doctor and started his treatment for the complainant but day by day his fever was increasing... After 4-5 days doctor did his blood work which showed increase WBC count simba was going under treatment but there was no results of any antibiotics on him then doctor told us it's FIP and Simba can't live more...It was the hell kind of feeling for me doctor said to putting him on sleep will be better
But I didn't left any hope to loosing my boy...I started seeing different videos on youtube came to know about the group FIP warriors on Facebook....I got connected to them for the further treatment of simba.....we started his GS 441524 injection on 21 July 2021...till now we completed 4 injection of simba.... which has shown good results on him...He had started eating food fever came down...he started to coming out and seat with us...we have to go more 80 days now to finish the treatment....but yes GS has wonderful results on cats FIP....I got my hope back for my SIMBA
Simba needs wishes and support
Please help me and Simba to fight this virus

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