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My little kitty Simba was diagnosed with FIP recently, which is fatal without a very costly treatment. My little baby is 11 months old and the sweetest thing and it would mean the world to me to be able to save his life and have him for years to come.

I got Simba in October of 2019, right as I was beginning my first year of school two states away from my family. He was only 4 months old and came to me from a shelter. 1 week after I adopted him, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the poor thing had to be on antibiotics and eye drops and ear drops! He was a trooper, though. Since then he has become my favorite companion while going through school so far from everyone I know. He is the sweetest kitty I've ever met and has helped me through some pretty stressful times during school. Now my school has been restricted to online only and I have had limited contact with family and friends, but Simba was always there by my side.  He has been a great source of comfort with long hours of online classes and studying alone. I don't know what I would do without him!

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