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Silvestre was diagnosed with FIP on 19th of March. We finished 105 injections yesterday for a treatment of above 8000$ of which we have 700$ outstanding bill. He had 2 massive abscesses that had to be flushed with saline solution for couple of weeks, the skin on his leg was litterally peeling off due to side effects of FIP and he was not eating on its own for over 20 days (the last 10 he had a nasal tube placed to liquid feed him). He is a true warrior! I dont know how he would not even bite the doctor after all he had to go through. We are starting the observation today and i need your support to finish paying for his last medications ( i also lost my job due to the current pandemic). If you can donate even a bit to help us pay his last shipment you will have our gratitude! Thank you in advance even for reading our story

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