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Shadow was adopted in August of 2021 from a local rescue. Shortly after returning to his furever home, he started getting sick and stopped eating for a few days and started developing the wobbles. His local vet ran some bloodwork, and came to an X-ray of some strain on his back and spine and suggested some bedrest at night in his pup brothers dog crate. After a few weeks, he seemed a little better but not completely wobble free. After a couple more visits, Shadow was recommended to see a Neurologist who ran some labs for infectious disease. The labs came back and Shadow was referred to Internal Medicine who helped with the diagnosis that Shadow was FIP positive. We were recommended to check out some of the different Facebook groups where we were able to get some resources, and guidance on treatments and some local representatives to help us along the way. @ShadowDactyl started his 84 day treatment on March 13, 2022.

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