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Unfortunately about 3 months ago my sweet Maine coon Shadow was diagnosed with FIP.
For those who don’t know what FIP is I can resume in few words that is a horrible degenerative painful and mortal disease caused by a cat coronavirus.

My 2 year old beautiful baby use to weigh 13Kg (almost 29 lbs.) and in about a month went down to 7.8kg (17 lbs.), fever that wouldn’t go away even with the antibiotics, eye infections amongst other problems. He wouldn’t eat or drink at all so he had to be admitted to the vet hospital. He stayed there for almost a week for blood tests and many other exams until finally the horrible results came…yes it was FIP my baby was dying, my heart fell down to my feet.

After this first shock, I started searching and searching everywhere and everything about FIP, this has been my life for the past 3 months when finally I found out there’s a cure, there’s hope again in my heart. 

Like most people know, this cure is very expensive not affordable for most of us and after spending all my savings at the vet and on the first doses of GS I found myself broke, no money left to save my baby…panic I panicked and I’m still in panic fearing not getting the amount needed for the 84 shots I need to buy to save my cat…

Today after 7 days of medication with GS Shadow is doing much better, his eyes are clean and he put on 1,2Kg (2,7 lbs), it’s a victory but this is still the beginning, it´s an 84 days treatment so we still have 77 days ahead of us and 77 doses to inject on Shadow.

Right now I still have 9 more doses for 9 more days meaning he will still need 68 more in the amount of in between 2100€ and 2600€. Why the difference? Because the dose is 0.3mg per Kg and he will gain weight, so the dose will increase as well as the price.

Well after all, what I’m here for is to ask for your help to help me saving Shadow.

Like I mentioned previously I spent all my savings and my biggest fear is not being able to continue with the treatment which will be a death sentence to my little guy.

I beg you from the bottom of my broken heart a heart that cries every single day for help,

Please help me save Shadow, any amount is very welcome and appreciated.

God bless you all

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