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This is my cat Seizie. I adopted her from someone on fb after her previous owner tossed her out on the street. She was homeless for a few days, maybe weeks, and also malnourished. After adopting her, we just wanted to make sure that she will have the best life she can have with us . We brought her back to good health and was such a happy cat.

Few days ago we noticed her getting skinny and brought her to the vet. She did all test and told us she might have Dry FIP so we started looking for treatment. I found a the FIP warrior page and they helped me a lot. They told me there’s a treatment so I got 5vials to start because that’ is the only thing I can afford. We just started her 1st shot and I can see a little improvement the next day. I’m hoping she continuously recover from this evil virus.

I’m asking everyone’s help if you could please donate anything to my Gofundme page to be able to afford all her treatments. I am not working due to Covid, a student and doing part time food delivery when I’m free from school works.  
Even a dollar will help and I will be grateful for trying to save my cats life.

Thank you in advance to all who is going to donate. Hope you get blessed more! ❤️

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