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Sassy was rescued at 4 weeks with her 3 other litter mates. Nurse fed to health... I adopted all 4 kitties for my daughter for Christmas. I thought how fun having these 4 litter mates grow up together. All so happy until around 6 months.  Sassy began showing signs: loosing weight, bloated belly, enlarged organs, lethargic. I took her into vet for testing... After three days of crying, worrying about all 4 of them Sassy was diagnosed with FIP. I began to search to learn more about it. With each search I began to cry more. I thought, this can not be happening to this sweet kitty only 6 months old. I reached out to vet, stating we have to SAVE THIS SWEET SOUL! She led me to FIP WARRIORS. In my amazement, this is actually WORKING... I see such tremendous courage from this little lady. Each day brings hope and improvement. I will continue to do the 84 day treatment with hopes to have a bit of help from donations... This would so help our family!

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