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Sasha is a purebred Siberian who was diagnosed with Dry FIP on June 5, 2019 She was just short of 11 months old at the time. I had actually started noticing symptoms of her behavior changing in mid-May but believed it was just due to her maturing (most cases begin like this). Sasha’s symptoms began to become worrisome when she stopped wanting to eat and was visibly not feeling well. I took her to the vet for a blood test. The result was pretty clearly FIP. The vet prescribed prednisolone to encourage her appetite and decrease her fever, but we assumed that FIP was a death sentence, with probably only 2 more weeks to live. In the meantime, I began researching about GS and quickly learned about Mutian’s oral form of GS. On June 6th, just one day after diagnosis, Sasha received her first dose of oral GS, and by the next day she was already feeling much better! Sasha has now been on oral GS for 6 weeks (7/18/2019). From all outward appearances, she is fully recovered and more kitten-like than ever, even though she is technically no longer a kitten now that she is 1 year old. Her blood test at 3 weeks of treatment showed her to be almost normal. Her blood test at 5 weeks was virtually perfect. If she can hold these blood levels to week 7, she will be able to terminate treatment early. (Often, the treatment lasts 12 weeks.) Every day with my kitty is a miracle!