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Saqer is 4 months old, diagnosed recently with FIP ( wet form ), i adopted him two months ago, at first he got a fever for few days and sometimes he suffer from diarrhea but i thought this was normal because of his small age and because of changing his place and food, then i noticed his belly became a bit bigger i asked a veterinarian he said dont worry its only gasses, saqer took his first vaccination and the veterinarian did a virus test after seeing his belly swelling a bit and checked his temperature things were good at that time, before 2 days of his second vaccination his belly swelling become bigger i took him to veterinarian and she made an xray for him to see the fluid cover his body, the next day i took him to a hospital that test the fip disease to get a confirmation. The dr gave me a medication called “prednisolone” half of tablet for 8 days, today is the second day of the medication, on sunday i’ll pull off the fluid out of his body hope this will minimize his suffering. Right now saqer is not moving unless for food or litterbox, he suffer from diarrhea and he’s breathing difficulty.