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Hi, I’m Sansa’s mom! Sansa (his nickname is Sunny and he’s the beautiful boy with white paws in the cover photo) was adopted by me back in August of 2021. I rescued my older cat, Alphonse (nickname Rooney and he’s the handsome chunkier one), in 2018 and took him to college with me. After I graduated and began working full time I decided Alphonse needed a brother and that’s when Sansa came in the picture. They’ve been inseparable since day one. They cuddle lots and are super mischievous. They’re all I have at home and bring me lots of joy and keep me sane. Sansa suddenly fell ill on February 24, 2022. My high strung, over the top, cuddle bug no longer showed any interest in food, water, me or his brother. He has lost weight and is very lethargic and weak. (I chose not to show a picture of him now because it may be triggering other pet owners.) He was diagnosed with FIP and I am desperate to help him, as he is a member of my family. I love him with my whole heart and would greatly appreciate any help given to us!

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