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On January 15th we found out our sweet boy Samson of 10 years was diagnosed with what the vet dr believed to be FIP wet form. On that day my mother and I had never ever heard of this disease and were devastated. Thankfully our vet Dr did research that day and guided us where to go to find FIP Warriors on Facebook. Within a hour's time I had a contact that came and helped us get Sam started on treatment. We started the battle from that day on with much help from the group and the friends I had made within it. There were and still have been ups and downs especially when a batch of medicine was soon found out to be bad due to external circumstances. Still we fought on and Sam has never given up. On April 11th it appeared Sam had a neurological setback and after much discussion and a trip to the vet, it was noted that the FIP was possibly Neurological and not that of Wet form as previously thought. I was devastated once more as I thought we were back at square one. After increasing dosage however Sam showed his fighting spirit and was showing improvement the very next day. My baby boy is a fighter and has always been one since he was a kitten when he was brought to us 2 wks old and very sick. He fought through it all and he is fighting this now not showing any signs of defeat. We are almost at the finish line however we are awaiting to conduct blood tests to show us where we currently stand in our battle against FIP. I am thankful to all who have helped us in this journey and continue to do so until we see Sam fully well.

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