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I had noticed Roxy had started acting more lethargic than usual. She was still eating and drinking water, bathroom habits looked normal. Nevertheless I was growing concerned and decided it was time to see the vet. Her appointment was for a Wednesday. I went to work Tuesday afternoon. I came home after a long and later than usual shift. Roxy was curled up resting on a rug in the bathroom. I picked her up and gave her some love and told her that we would figure out what’s going on soon. I brought her to our room and put her on the bed. After a few minutes she walked into our closet, let out a loud meow, and collapsed. I ran to her and tried standing her back up, but she couldn’t bear absolutely any weight on her legs, she would just go straight back to the ground. She was as limp as a noodle. My heart was breaking, I knew something was very wrong. I woke my husband up and we tried to keep her comfortable and was giving her water with a syringe. At first she still seemed alert. She began deteriorating very quickly. She stopped responding, and I watched her start having very small seizures to full blown big and scary ones. I knew we were going to lose her. I brought her to an emergency pet hospital and they took her straight back as soon as we came in. They would come in and keep me updated, and none of the news was good. Her body temperature was very low, her heart rate was low, her gums were extremely pale, her pupils weren’t responding to stimuli, her blood work was all over the place. They said they could try to save her, but she probably wouldn’t be the same kitty we knew if they could even save her, they said the outlook was grim. They ran a few more tests, and that’s when they told me they were certain she had FIP. After explaining everything to me, I made the very painful decision to help our sweet girl to rainbow bridge. They brought her in to me wrapped up in a soft blanket and gave us some alone time. She didn’t look like herself and if I tried to remove her arms out of the blanket she would fling them around uncontrollably and her claws were out. I sobbed and told her how sorry I was and how loved she is. I held her up to a window and we watched the outside until the vet came in. My poor sweet baby passed away in my arms on July 18th, 2018. She would’ve been 3 in September. We took her home, gave her kitty brother some closure (he was very concerned when she started deteriorating at home), and buried her. Our home hasn’t been the same without her. She is so so missed and still so loved. I couldn’t believe how fast this terrible disease took her from us and hope one day nobody else has to go through the same. We love you Roxy girl.❤️