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I rescued Rollie at 8 weeks old. He was a tiny blue eyed tiger tripped boy  that stoled our hearts!

Although less than 1 years old and already with a rough start in life, he still remains the sweetest and most loyal cat. He has not left my side once!

Approximately 3 weeks ago, Rollie stopped eating, drinking water, and became weak in his hind legs. I noticed his eyes were very jaundiced and his gums were very pale. His vet and I tried everything to make him feel better; antibiotics, prednisone, IV fluids, but his health continued to decline.  After a month of endless vet visits, blood tests, and x-rays, Rollie was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). 

FIP is a vicious disease and unfortunately, FIP is considered fatal in the U.S., but last week, I was informed of a new drug that has shown promising results.  Most cats that have been treated with this medicine go into full remission and that gives me hope that Rollie will be able to recover and live a long, healthy, and happy life. 

I have been treating Rollie with this new medicine since Monday and already his improvement has been amazing.  He is now eating and drinking. He is also walking better, meowing, grooming and getting some strength back.  There is no doubt this medication works, the only issue with this medication is it comes with a very expensive price tag. The treatment consists of daily subcutaneous injections for 12 weeks (84 days).            

I have spent much of savings trying to keep Rollie alive and now I will need your generous help to save him. We will forever be grateful if you can donate something towards his treatment.  Every little amount helps.  Please share my GoFundMe campaign. 

Thank you for helping me give Rollie another chance at life!

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