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we already had 3 cats when I saw Rocco on a rescue page and weren't planning on anymore but I fell in love, but still we were hesitant to add another so we waited and when he still was there a week later I knew I had to go meet him.

On May 10th we celebrated his 1st birthday and a couple weeks later ended up adopting a new puppy from another rescue (I'm a sucker for unwanted animals). We started noticing he wasnt acting like himself and was losing some weight but figured it was stress from the new puppy or depression, we had also just finished a small remodel so things were different. Decided we should just be safe and take him to the vet....
The vet suspected FIP, which I never heard of and I was devastated but she said we would try some antibiotics and a dewormer and see if that helped.
At a follow up, his white blood cells had spiked but he was slightly less anemic so we tried a different antibiotic hiping that would help.
Within a few days he was walking worse and rapidly losing weight. When he didnt leave his cat bed to urinate I panicked and we took him back to the vet.
Ar this point she was sure it was FIP but said there was nothing she could do for it but check for FIP Warriors on FB bc they may be able to help.
We are now 8 days into treatment and he has improved drastically. He is walking better, starting to jump again, and cuddling with his mama (something he hadn't done for awhile). Im so afraid he will relapse but I'm try hopeful bc he is a brave fighter and the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever know and I can't imagine my world without him.

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