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Rhomulus aka Rommy

Rommy and his brother Sandy are feral cats, rescued by a shelter. We gave our boys a new home in Oct 2019. Sandy was very sick when he was rescued but he pulled through it, still tiny and a bit smaller than his brother Rommy. Shortly before we could pick them up from the shelter, they caught ringworm and we had to postpone the adoption for 2 weeks as the shelter would not hand them over prior finishing treatment. Finally, in Oct 2019, we picked up our house panthers and became super happy parents of 2 amazing cats we fell in love with at first sight. At home, we realized that they had a bit diarrhea. We searched for a vet nearby and found an amazing doctor who loves cats. He prescribed antibiotics. They both got better quickly. However, Rommy still had some diarrhea regularly so we changed food etc and had regular visits at our vet. He recovered well. We noticed some changes again in mid February. Rommy started to loose weight. Later on, he started to walk like on eggshells. He became more quiet and was not as playful anymore. It was a slow process. We became very worried as this process suddenly started to progress fast. We had bloodwork done. Our vet noticed that he had some some fluids in his abdomen which he drained for testing and he also mentioned that Rommy was anemic. This was 6th March. Rommy crashed that same day and our vet suspected either cancer or FIP. We knew nothing about FIP. Rommy was in very bad shape. He stopped eating, drinking, could not walk and had discharge. One day later, his left eye became very cloudy and half way closed. Our vet called on 8th March to confirm it was not cancer but most likely FIP. We researched all day and night and found this amazing, world class and unique Facebook group called FIP Warriors. We posted our cry for help and started treatment for Neuro/Ocular FIP the same day. This group, our amazing Admin and the moderators have saved our boy’s life. We saw improvements only 8 hours after the first injection (Hero, 10 mg/kg). His eye cleared and we saw some new life going through his body. We had to syringe feed him for appx 1 week but he also started to lick some food by himself. This was the moment we realized that there is hope. Hope for life and cure. Since then, we had our ups and downs, incl sores, thickening skin, fur loss and depression. Our vet is very supportive and we think we now have things well under control. We added some supplements incl weekly B12 shots, light therapy and our vet prescribed Metacam for Rommy’s “bad days”. We are now at day 55. Rommy has made huge progress. He has gained 2.4 lbs, is alert, wrestles with his brother but still also wants to rest and sleep a lot during the day, which is totally fine. We are extremely thankful to have found the FIP Warrior group. We can’t thank them enough. They gave us Rommy back and are holding our hands through this difficult journey. We love our boys very much. We hope that this treatment will be approved by the FDA one day and we all also need to spread awareness about this disease and beat the drum for GS441524. Thank you very much also to Dr. Pedersen. He has dedicated his career to find cure for this horrible, deadly disease. We will be finished with treatment end of May.