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Hello everyone, my kitty Remi seemed healthy and then out of nowhere began to go rigid in a seizure like stance. I rushed him to an er vet where they sent us to a neurologist. He had significant swelling in the cerebellum. He was there for two days before I brought him home and had to rush him back to the er vet as I noticed his respiratory rate was 72. They put him in an oxygen tank for two days. I am on day 3 of mutian and I maxed all my cards to save him since he is my therapy animal. So far the charges equaled 20k to find out it was FIP. To top things off the day he came home our house burned down so I am treating him out of a hotel room. Asking for help is hard but since we have been fighting so hard I was hoping for help to continue paying for his mutian injections. He is on day 4 and he is gaining weight, eating and feeling better. He has had a few different seizures where he gets confused and walks in a circle. The vet is giving me Phenobarbital  for that.

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