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Pumpkin & Apple

Last September I took 3 very sick, malnourished, near-death kittens from a Facebook post. With lots of medicine, food, and proper care they slowly improved and were finally on track for a normal life. Until the healthiest kitten - Pumpkin - became lethargic, less playful, stopped eating and growing and started having unexplained high fevers. After about a month of unanswered questions and no diagnosis, we suspected FIP when she was having difficulty walking and eye changes. We quickly started her on GS injections and saw improvement immediately. 17 days later her sister Apple began having tremors and losing her vision. We got her started on the GS injections right away. Pumpkin finished her 84 days of injections like a champ! But 8 days into her medical monitoring phase she developed tremors and her eyes changed, once again. I restarted her on the GS again that night. Having 2 sick FIP kittens has been emotionally and financially straining to say the least. From day 1 I have wanted to give these babies the best life possible because they deserve it. Financing the medications to save their lives is a struggle and we appreciate any help at all!

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