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My sweet baby Pumpkin is 7 months old. He's had a rough start in life. I took him in at barely 3 months old, he had broken pelvis, leg, and a host of health complications. As he healed I could see a spark in his eyes as he slowly started to live life fully, running, playing, loving life with all its little adventures as a kitten. Before I knew it he became my world. Mammas baby boy. Then the unexpected happened one day he was completely immobile and very sick. I rushed him to the vet and was hit with the shattering heartbreaking diagnosis. He was diagnosed with Neuro Fip. I treated him for 12 weeks, but he relapsed. I'm currently unemployed due to health issues of my own. I have depleted all financial my resources. Help me give Pumpkin a fighting chance. Any amount will be appreciated. If you cannot donate please share. Thank you for taking the time to read this ♥

Help me save sweet Pumpkin!!

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