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Princess Leia

Princess Leia was diagnosed with dry FIP in mid July 2019.  I got a second opinion from another vet that also confirmed FIP.  I was told all they could provide was palliative care. Devastated, I started researching FIP online and came across Dr. Pederson's research article.  I then started trying to figure out how I could buy the GS 441524 mentioned in the article. This led me to a couple of social media sites.  I joined FIP Fighters and asked about GS and was told I was not allowed to discuss it. Someone privately PM me and referred me to FIP Warriors and gave me the name of someone that could help me get GS. There were only about 2000 people worldwide in the group when I joined.  I ordered the GS from the supplier recommended to me and the rest is history.  The GS helped my kitty immediately.  I noticed a difference within six hours.  By the next day, she had a big appetite again and just kept getting better and better each day.  She was down to only 7.2 pounds and is now back up to her usual 13.2 pound chunky self.  I used Miner GS 5mg/kg for 90 days.  We are now more than 6 months post treatment and our Princess Leia is doing so well.  I am grateful every day for all of the wonderful FIP Warrior admins, FIP Warrior cat parents who supported me through this journey and for Dr. Pederson's life saving research.  Feeling blessed.