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Poppy & London

London was diagnosed with FIP on 5/31 after a PCR test was done on the fluid filling her massive abdomen and chest. Her sister Poppy was lethargic and low appetite at that time, so we brought her in for blood work on 6/5, and signs of FIP were apparent in her blood work as well. Both were started on GS that week. London, who was filled with fluid, lost all her effusion in the first two weeks, with her belly going from 15.5” to 13”. Poppy began playing and eating again like she hadn’t in months. I can’t say they’re like they used to be, because that’s not true. They’re better than they ever used to be. FIP robbed them of their health for months, and GS gave them back their youth. I’ve never known them to be as playful, social, cuddly, and just plain wild as they are now. Anyone remember the show Supermarket Sweep ? (or am I just dating myself..). Because that is what it is like in my apartment morning and night as they tear through every surface. I have done rescue and have always known FIP as being the worst diagnosis you could get. But 6 weeks into treatment, and my girls’ blood work shows them as the healthy girls I see them as, and I hope and believe they will be with me for a very long time.