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Pluto is a very sweet, innocent kitten with no ill manners or bad behaviors. He fights like a champ and, despite his ill health FIP, he is still interested in life and what the world has to offer. I would feel terrible to put him down because, on his good days, he does live his life to the fullest. Because I'm his only hope, I have to fight for him. It is easy to give up and take what is easy for me, so as not to deal with emotional toll. But, so long as he wants to live , I will fight on his corner. At this point, this is not about me anymore. I hope that I will never have to encounter FIP again and I hope that, one day, I will be powerful and rich enough to get things done as fast as I would like them to be in terms of getting a cure and treatment that works. I apologize my statements are choppy, but they make sense to me. I'm not looking for sympathy or a pat on the back. I just want people to help me. The more 'No' I hear, it is a push for me to be successful and powerful enough to get things done.