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Pixie was at least 11 years old when she was diagnosed with "wet" FIP in December 2018. The diagnosis was confirmed by submitting a sample of her abdominal fluid for a "Auburn University" test which the veterinary internist assured me was quite specific and nearly 100% diagnostic. I was told all of the clinical trials were closed and that they were very sorry, but no medication was available pending FDA approval and that Pixie would die. I lost two kittens to FIP years ago and it was devastating. I had never heard of an 11-year-old cat getting FIP nor was there a likely way Pixie would have been newly exposed to the virus. She has been an indoor-only cat for years. It was speculated that a corona virus that Pixie long harbored had mutated. I used whatever connections I had and had learned there were two drugs being studied that seemed to be able to treat FIP. I was able to obtain GC-376. The powdered drug was formulated as an injectable at UCLA. Pixie had twice daily injections for 12 weeks. Her abdominal fluid disappeared after a couple of weeks, her globulin/albumin ratio normalized, and her weight and activity levels increased. She has no clinical signs of disease as of July 2019. I know there could be a relapse but am grateful for more time with her.