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Our little Pirate is our almost 7 month old cutie! He is just now cresting week 8 of treatment for wet FIP, and is playing with lots of energy.
    Pirate & his brother Hufflepuff were found by us at about 6 weeks. They have feline herpes, that's what caused Pirate to lose his eye. It had burst when we found them.
    He's an awesome little guy who loves head butting us with his nose, stinky food, & shiny balls! He loves everything actually! With seemingly no clue how close to tragedy he came, nor how much danger he's still in, blessedly!
    Our fuller story is in the gofundme if you would like to skim it! Major thanks to ZenByCat & FIP warriors for all they do for the cause and for us! 😻😻

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