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Pipette, approx 11 months old, is a rescued survivor who had a feline upper respiratory infection (URI). Due to that and complication to the eye medicines, she lost both of her eyes at a very young age and is now completely blind. She and her seeing-eye cat, Giggleswick, grew up together in foster care with St. Francis Animal Rescue. She was adopted by us in early 2020 but her blindness did not slow her down one bit.
Recently Pipette started having difficulties breathing, taking short shallow breaths. The vet listened to her chest and heard fluid around the heart and lungs. X-rays were taken and a thoracocentesis performed to remove 260ml of fluid from her chest.

An appointment was scheduled for the next day to see a specialist for more tests. The specialist performed an ultrasound of the chest and abdomen as well as another thoracocentesis this time removing about 40ml of fluid.

Pipette has been diagnosed with wet FIP and is currently very early (at the time of this writing) in her treatment. We are cautiously optimistic but so far she has responded well to the treatment and besides the drained fluid has not shown any other clinical signs of FIP. We are very gracious to the online community that has helped us start treatment as well as her semi-celebrity following on Instagram which have led to an outpouring of support in the form of both words of encouragement as well as monetary donations.

UPDATE: As of Jan 12 Pipette completed her 12 week observation period and is now considered cured! Her GoFundMe campaign remains up to raise money for FIP reserach.

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