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Pilot came to me from a shelter at 14 weeks old. He lived an amazing love & cuddle filled 3 weeks in my home. He was diagnosed with FIP after I noticed him not eating & his stomach appeared bloated (I thought it was just severe worms...). He was diagnosed on a Thursday. When I scheduled his passing for the following Friday (8 days) I feared I was ending his life far too soon- how could my perfect little boy die in just a week? In the end, wet FIP took him only 6 days after his diagnosis. One evening he began going down hill very fast. So much so that I went to the ER Vet an hour away to ease his suffering. My little man was a trooper til the very end. When he passed he was in my arms and I believe he knew how much I loved him. This disease is merciless and I do not wish this kind of pain on anyone. So to my beautiful Pilot, I love and miss you every day and I cannot wait to see you one day beyond this world.