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Hello everyone! I want to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with FIP on Monday, August 17th and given 2 weeks to live. The vet had to drain 100ml of fluid from my lungs, give me several shots, and did 2 x-rays. He had my mom schedule an appointment for Friday, August 21st because he thought that they’d have to euthanize me. 😿
I’m only 10 months old and have only been with my mom since November 2019. I’m a fighter and my mom doesn’t like the word “no” so she spent all night Monday doing research on FIP and learned that there is a treatment. 😼
On Tuesday, a nice lady came over and helped my mom give me my 1st treatment. I was barely breathing, lethargic, and wouldn’t eat so they gave me fluids and syringe fed me. It has been a long week for us, like many of my other Feline friends who are fighting FIP, but I’m starting to feel better. 🧡 When my mom took me to the vet on Friday, he was shocked by how good my color looked, my O2 was 89-90, my lungs sounded clear, no fever, and my weight is the same as Monday because I’m eating on my own! He told my mom that I’m the best looking FIP kitten that he’s ever seen and that he thought she’d have to say goodbye to me that day. He also told her to keep doing what she’s doing because she’s doing a good job and it’s working! 😺
As you all know, this is a long road for all FIP kittens and their pawrents. My mom just returned back to work after being laid off for 3 months due to COVID-19 so finances are very tight. She’s willing to do everything she can to save my life, but she does need some help. Please consider a small donation to my treatment. My GoFundMe link is:
Thank you and we’re praying for all of my FIP felines out there. My mom is looking forward to the day that I’m cured so she can help my other FIP friends. 😽🧡

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