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Here is Petes story. I received Pete from a breeder at 3 months old in MAY 2019. JUNE 6 2019 Only a few weeks after I had him he developed a UTI. When the vet looked at him she thought his stomach looked a little bloated which I agree but i noticed it more after he ate. We weren’t too concerned. She took a urine sample to treat the UTI which came back high protein and the lab thought it wasn’t urine at all. She was confused and began to think she tapped his stomach fluid by accident. She did an abdominal US AND he really didn’t have excess fluid in his stomach but we tapped his stomach fluid as she thought FIP was possible. I was devastated. His bloodwork at the time was completely normal only with a slight elevation in phosphorus from his kidneys which she said was due to diet. His labs and fluid were then sent to auburn university for FIP analysis. They came back that they didn’t think he had FIP. I was so relieved. The antibiotics work and his urinary symptoms went away. Life went on as a normal kitten. AUGUST 28 2019 He started symptoms of an ear infection (shaking his head and pawing at his ears) with dizziness and loss of coordination. They put him on an antibiotic and ear drops for two weeks. It took him 5 weeks but he was back to normal. He must have had just and ear infection and possible vestibular disease (from what I know this just goes away on it’s on after about a month) which made sense. He was happy healthy back to being a kitten. OCTOBER 28 2019 I noticed his ears seemed to be bothering him again no dizziness this time just shaking his head and pawing at his ears. Then I noticed labored breathing so he was rushed to the vet. They removed 104ml of clear fluid from his chest. The cytology of the fluid came back with elevated protein. My vet wanted me to take him to a cardiologist to rule of heart disease and congestive heart failure. He believed if it wasn’t his heart it was FIP. Here were go again. I thought we were safe from FIP. He stayed in hospital overnight but when he came home he seemed like himself but maybe just a little lethargic. OCTOBER 31 2019 He went to a different animal hospital to see a cardiologist. The cardiologist found his heart to be normal but the fluid in his chest had started to come back. I took him to the ER side of the hospital to see a vet immediately. I needed a second opinion. So congestive heart failure was out what else could it be? Most likely FIP. I requested bloodwork as my vet didn’t do any on the 24th. The vet removed another 50ml chest fluid which this time he described as clear tinted yellow thick fluid. So now we feel FIP is definitely likely. NOV 1: we started treatment with Oral mutian capsules. Pete weighed 5.2lbs. Each day since we started treatment we have seen improvement. He has been gaining weight (day 22 6.3lbs) and the fluid in his chest has not returned. He has more energy than he has ever had and he plays like a crazy man! We have a long journey ahead but we will continue to fight!