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Percy aka Purrrcy

We adopted Percy/Purrcy in August, 2020. We'd lost our beloved 'Oli (9yrs) to cancer in May and his twin brother missed having another feline in the house, and we missed having two. He was the perfect 3 month old kitten, big purrs and affectionate, and he fetched! But in early October, it became clear something was not right - he was hiding from us, not eating, and lethargic. We checked and found he had a fever, so off to the Emergency vet we went. 3 days and a bunch of tests later, we were told it looked like FIP. We would have to euthanize unless we were willing to take a chance on a not yet approved by the FDA drug and do daily injections for 3 months. We were lucky enough that the ER vet had studied with Dr Pederson and was very encouraging. We had had experience giving injections as 'Oli had been diabetic the last 10 months of his life, so the thought of that was not intimidating, at least. We contacted the Warriors group before bringing Percy home from the ER, and he had his first shot the morning after he came home. His turnaround was startling - his fever was back to normal 24 hours later, and his appetite returned. Just a couple of days later, it was as if he'd never been sick. As everyone warned us, there were ups and downs with treatment, but overall, Percy tolerated it all well, and seemed to forgive us within an hour or two after his shot. We had to extend treatment a week as his dosage needed to be increased, so after 92 days, we entered Observation. He'd gaoined weight steadily and was playful and alert throughout, so we were hopeful, but there were a few numbers in his last labs that were less than perfect. 3 days into Observation, Percy relapsed. We were crushed, and I actually gathered the name of a vet who would give. euthanasia at our home when the time came. BUT our mighty admin at FIP WARRIORS would not give up on Percy. She helped us fundraise and we switched to pills and started another round of 84 days of treatment. It went perfectly, and here we are, a week plus into CURE. I am so deeply grateful to everyone making this possible. Purrcy/Percy is a delightful being, living his best life now. he makes us smile and laugh every day, and his brother loves him (took a while, but they are buddies now!) So anyone worried about whether this cure is real - it is. It is worth sticking with it, even on those bad days when kitty is unhappy and injections are difficult. You CAN save a life.