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Pepper was diagnosed on August 10th with FIP. Little guy had a few problems going on with the most serious and life-threatening FIP.
We noticed the week before that his tummy looked a little distended so I made an appointment for him on Monday morning thinking that it would be a routine checkup or possibly some type of ground worm or ringworm problem. Which he did have as well but was shocked when they told us that he is suffering from wet FIP. There is fluid in his abdomen and he is severely dehydrated. When you pet his back you can feel all of his bones in his vertebrae but his tummy is super distended. His meow sound more like cries now, I think to let us know that he's uncomfortable. He'll take a few steps and then get down in a crouching position take a few steps and then get down again. He's not jumping around or playing with his brother like he usually does.He is still my little cuddle bug though he'll just lay on me and sleep for hours which is heartbreaking to see him like this. He is only 5 months old and we adopted him and his brother Salt 6 weeks ago.  We were lucky enough to find a group that had a treatment option for him.We were able to get our hands on our first vial yesterday so he is now had two treatments. We are looking for help to continue his treatments and hoping to see I'm through this fight.

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