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Penelope aka P Nelly

I adopted Penelope aka P Nelly along with her 2 brothers back in December 2019. They were living outside and the lady who took care of their momma wanted them to have a better life than living outside. I picked them up and it was love at first sight with these fluffy puff balls.  They were seen by a vet for shots and check up and all was well. In January 2020, I took them in to be spayed and neutered. P Nelly seemed to have a harder time recovering from the surgery and became more shy and quiet afterwards.  I thought this was just her personality since the spay.  Around the end of March, we noticed something just wasn’t right when we looked into her eyes. She seemed to be trying to tell me “mommy I’m not feeling well.”  I took her to the vet and bloodwork was done and the vet mentioned possibly FIP which is Feline Infectious Peritonitis. At the same time one of my other kittens was also ill but it was thought to be a parasite. A few days later, another one of my kittens showed signs of bloated belly and lethargy. I took her to the vet and it was confirmed at that time all 3 had different forms of FIP. I was told this disease is fatal and that I should take them home and love them as much as possible for the time they had left. I was told there is a new  drug that has great promise but is very expensive. I would not accept that as their fate and got a second opinion. Same result. I searched online and found an amazing group that helps to get the medication needed to treat FIP. Unfortunately I was too late for 2 of them and lost them within days of each other. P Nelly is the only one left battling this horrible disease. She has been on the  medication to treat FIP for 15 days and has made remarkable progress. She now is not the quiet shy kitten I knew for months. She comes out and walks around the house and meows to talk to us. She is eating like a champ and has gained almost a whole pound since the start of treatment. She is back to playing with toys, exploring the back yard with her brothers and even playing with them again now. The medication is expensive $90 a vial which lasts her 2 1/2 days. She will be on this medication for 84 days total and have bloodwork done at 4,8 and 12 weeks to monitor her progress. She is fighting for her life and in memory of Sassy and Bailey. Please consider donating. Any donation to help save P Nelly would be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small. Some may say it’s just a cat but to me she is my baby and I’m trying to give her the best shot at life against this horrible disease.

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