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Pebbles is my daughters baby. She helps calm her during her panic attacks and co.forts her and brings her so much joy. My daughter Sarah has made pebbles her entire world. When the vet told us she had wet FIP and it was fatal and started talking about euthanizing Pebbles we were all devastated and sobbing in the room. That's when the Dr.  told me about a amazing group of people who are going through the same thing and that they may be able to help. So immediately after we got home I was blessed to join this group and the have been by my side helping me with every step. This wonderful group of people gave hope to my daughter and I that we can save Pebbles life.Pebbles has had enough donations to start treatment praise God !However, of she is not consistent with treatment and we don't receive the funding we will lose Pebbles. I am humbly and desperately asking for any help you can even of it is just sharing our story please anything and everything you can do will help. You could save a very special life! Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you for any help you have on your heart to offer. God bless you all!

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